Boehm & Boehm is an audiovisual and media company dedicated to delivering top-notch products. Working with both large and small businesses, event planners, marketing directors, law firms, associations, non-profits and others, Boehm & Boehm is hired over and aver again by repeat clients, due in large part to the comfort they have in knowing their production needs will not only be met but exceeded.

In business since 2007, Boehm & Boehm is owned by Florian “Flo” Boehm, a native German with a long professional career, having worked in the family business video production and news business with his father from a young age. After graduating college and completing military service in Germany, Flo went on to graduate from Full Sail University as the class valedictorian with a Bachelor of Science degree. He also holds a Certified Court Video Specialist certification, allowing him to work on behalf of the court system and in video depositions. His esteemed career has allowed him to work literally around the world, including several Soccer World/Euro Cups, Olympic Games and other multi-national sporting events.
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